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BJ-Gear A/S prioritises environmental efforts

At BJ-Gear A/S we do our utmost to take responsibility of the environment. We prioritise sustainability and decent working conditions in our investments and in our activities, and we emphasise the importance of minimise the use of water and electricity and to reuse all materials possible.

We continuously optimise our production savings and think about the environment in everything we do, from how the buildings were constructed to the everyday use of materials. In our headquarters, energy consumption has been significantly reduced through effective insulation, intelligent control of heat and electricity as well as heat recycling from comfort and process extraction.

No drainage in our factory

One of the key issues when constructing the buildings were to be sure that no waste was discharged from our production. Therefore, we have no drainage in our production facilities, ensuring that no leakage can possible occur and that all waste to be destroyed must be picked up and delivered for proper destruction.

All machines are equipped with each their filtering system
ensuring no oil mist in the room.

Melted and reused

We aim to reuse as much as possible. All our scrapings are sorted and melted to be reused. Chips are shot blasted to drain of the oil and the cleaned chips are melted and reused as well. The drained oil is reused for our machines in the production.

Minimising the use of cooling lubricant

Additionally, we heat the cooling lubricant to reach a correct temperature in terms of minimising the waste which is also ensured by being very accurate when mixing the lubricant. Another initiative for minimising the use of cooling lubricant has been to install a timer ensuring that when the machines are on hold the use of lubricant is lowered and the amount is held to a minimum.

Electricity reduction

To reduce the use of electricity even further, we changed our central compressor that provides compressed air for all the production stations. An estimate is, that with the new compressor, we have reduced our electricity consumption with approximately 40%. Our environment matters, and we continuously aim to find new ways to take care of our nature. At the moment we are in a progress of changing all our fluorescent lamps to be of LED’s to keep reducing the electricity consumptions.

By using a central filtering and cleaning machine, we have optimised the filtering and cleaning process as well as minimised the wear on our production equipment. Also, the hot air produced by the cooler is reused to heat the premises.