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When quality matters, BJ-Gear is your choice

When selecting gearboxes, actuators and other transmission solutions, quality is what matters. BJ-Gear emphasizes quality throughout the production and assembly process.

Worms and worm wheels are important components of the complete transmission solutions and the quality must be impeccable. In addition, worms and worm wheels must be both energy efficient as well as emitting low noise. Generally, there are no standards for the production of worm wheels, so it is crucial to invest in the best tooling equipment. At BJ-Gear the production equipment is state-of-the art, making it very precise and accurate.

Combined with our many years of experience in gearbox manufacturing and a very high degree of quality assurance, we guarantee worms and worm wheels with very small tolerances and of the highest quality.

Our quality assurance includes process controls during production, mechanical measurements controls of each production batch as well as visible and audible tests of all products. Furthermore, our assembled products are thoroughly controlled before being shipped, to ensure the high quality that characterizes BJ-Gear.

When selecting gearboxes, actuators and other transmission solution you should emphasize quality. BJ-gear does!