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02.05.2017 BJ worm gearboxes can help the future fire fighters and craftsmen

Students at Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering have just completed a 10-week project, where they were to show their abilities in manufacturing, assembling and troubleshooting. Two of the student groups asked.../// Read more >

04.04.2017 When quality matters, BJ-Gear is your choice

When selecting gearboxes, actuators and other transmission solutions, quality is what matters. BJ-Gear emphasizes quality throughout the production and assembly process. Worms and worm wheels are important components of the.../// Read more >

26.01.2017 BJ-Gear minimises risk of contamination in food productions

When BJ-Gear A/S manufactures solutions to be used in the food industry, we are aware that the design has to be focused on hygiene and easy cleaning. BJ-Gear A/S meets these requirements with a standard program of hygienic.../// Read more >

20.01.2017 BJ-Gear introduces stainless brake module with great success

BJ-Gear brake module in stainless steel meets the high requirements and standards within eg the food industry, and can be used directly in the process line./// Read more >

08.06.2016 Stainless Steel Program from BJ-Gear A/S

   Read more about our Stainless Steel Program        Download.../// Read more >

13.05.2016 Product News: Levelling Feet from BJ-Gear A/S

You can now purchase Stainless Steel Levelling Feet from BJ-Gear A/S/// Read more >