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18.12.2018 NG bearings in candy production

Is your production environment harsh for your process equipment, and are you therefore often forced to replace your equipment? At BJ-Gear A/S we are aware that our products must be able to be installed in very harsh environments.../// Read more >

11.12.2018 We increase our competences at BJ-Gear A/S

In March 2018 Ny Stenderup Maskinfabrik ApS (a machine factory located in the southern part of Denmark) became a part of BJ-Gear A/S. Ny Stenderup Maskinfabrik is a subcontractor specialising in gear hobbing, CNC-turning and.../// Read more >

17.10.2018 Three things you should consider, when choosing the right gearbox

It is important to install the right gearbox in your production environment, as it can have great costs if you choose the wrong gearbox. Therefore, it can be an advantage to think about your needs before you make the decision./// Read more >

14.06.2018 As supplier of Hydro-Mec gearboxes BJ-Gear A/S is your full-line supplier of gearbox solutions

If you are looking for helical bevel gearboxes, shaft mounted gearboxes, coaxial gearboxes, and worm gearboxes, you can use BJ-Gear as your full-line supplier, as we distribute gearboxes from Italian Hydro-Mec S.P.A. This.../// Read more >

03.04.2018 BJ-Gear A/S has developed a stainless steel helical bevel gearbox

BJ-Gear’s newly developed stainless steel helical bevel gearbox is ideal for the food industry and other industries with high demands on hygiene, high requirements for the resistance of the product as well as the product’s.../// Read more >

16.03.2018 BJ-Gear A/S has acquired Ny Stenderup Maskinfabrik ApS

As of March 15th 2018, BJ-Gear has, as part of the strategy for continuing growth, acquired Ny Stenderup Maskinfabrik ApS/// Read more >

15.03.2018 BJ-Gear A/S has the widest range of stainless steel transmission solutions in the industry

BJ-Gear A/S has a wide range of stainless steel transmission solutions, all of which are ideal for the food industry and other industries with high standards for cleanability and hygiene. BJ-Gear meets these requirements with our.../// Read more >

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