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Together with some external experts, BJ-Gear A/S has worked out work place guidelines (WPG) for the areas of potential hazardous chemicals. Work place guidelines contain chemical documents a.o. comprising safety data sheets (SDS) and product data sheets (PDS).
The work place guidelines are available in an external professional online system presenting advantages such as

  • Always updated information on chemicals in one system.
  • The individual employees have access to the information of the work place guidelines (WPG).
  • Prevention of accidents with chemicals by having clear guidelines and ongoing education of employees.
  • In case of accidents involving chemicals or in case of fire, the chemicals may be quickly identified and information are downloaded for use by the physician, the fire brigade etc
  • The consumption of different chemicals can be measured and controlled.

Safety and first aid

At BJ-Gear A/S all legal requirements for safety in connection with for example guarding of the machinery and handling of dangerous substances are met.
We have an internal team of Samaritans who can give first aid in case of accidents. With us the Emergency Preparedness also includes a defibrillator which can not only save lives in our company, but in the neighboring businesses and for other neighbors. Our defibrillator is part of a nationwide list of defibrillators being available in emergencies.


An automatic fire alarm system with sensors in every room is connected directly to the local fire brigade. It ensures instant reaction to fire and reduces the risk of serious injuries to people, buildings, furniture, machines and products. We also make sure that the employees via loudspeakers are automatically warned about fire and asked to leave the building.

BJ-Gear A/S' management, the safety representatives and the safety committee are continuously working in order to further improve the security.

Fire Alarm System


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