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Threaded spindles

Constructions using trapezoidal spindles and ball screw spindles are a known method of transmission from a rotational motion to a linear motion.

Trapezoidal spindles are used primarily at low speeds and high loads. Trapezoidal spindles are produced by cold-formed threading, making the surface very hard and smooth, which ensures a low friction and a high resistance to wear.

Ball screw spindles are produced with focus on high precision and a hardened surface ensuring a high durability. Ball screw spindles are suitable for high speeds due to the low friction and high efficiency.

Trapezoidal spindles and nuts:

  • Possible diameters: 10 mm to 140 mm.
  • Length of spindles: Up to 6 m (stocked in lengths of 3 m).
  • C45, C15 Inox A2 and Inox A4 in stainless steel manufactured with 1 or 2 threads, both as left-handed and right-handed thread.


Trapezoidal nuts such as:

  • Cylindrical or flanged nuts in bronze.
  • Cylindrical, hexagonal or square nuts of steel.
  • Cylindrical nuts in plastic.


Whether you need special alloys or according to your exact specifications, BJ-Gear A/S is able to supply:

  • Machined thread spindles.
  • Special nuts.


Ball screw spindles and nuts:

  • Possible diameters: 10 mm to 80 mm.
  • Length of spindles: Up to 6 m.
  • Cylindrical or flanged nuts.

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