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Precision Gearboxes meets strict requirements

Standard Precision Gearbox
Special Precision Gearbox

The precision gearboxes are based on our standard gearboxes, but meets more strict precision requirements by virtue of special designs, production and assembly methods. The precision gearboxes are characterized by a low backlash and a very low generation of noise and vibrations. The gearboxes' backlash can be documented by measuring reports.

We can supply precision gearboxes in standard design, adapted or designed for a specific purpose.

Gear Size


Standard Gearbox

Precision Gearboxes *)

Series 42

< 0,80°

< 0,20°

Series 52

< 0,75°

< 0,20°

Series 61

< 0,70°

< 0,20°

Series 79

< 0,55°

< 0,15°

Series 99

< 0,55°

< 0,15°

*) On request we can deliver gearboxes with lower backlash

High precision worm gearbox with dual lead design

Special dual lead high precision gearbox

The high precision gearbox is a special gearbox, with a dual lead design.
The gearboxes can be produced in aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron. All high precision gearboxes are produced for a specific purposes and according to customers' demands.

The gearboxes are highly adaptable for various customised needs such as special flanges and output shafts.

Even though the gearboxes are customised they can be delivered quickly due to a flexible and automatised production. The design can be customised and fitted with AC, DC or servo motors.


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