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A standard programme with great adaptability

A large standard programme is one of BJ-Gear's strong points. It comprises worm gearboxes, spindle gearboxes, ball screw gearboxes and actuators. In many cases our standard gearbox will cover the requirement for transmission.

All sub-components are kept on stock. Therefore, we can immediately supply the many sizes and variations of our standard gearboxes with or without motors, encoders, electromagnetic brakes and couplings built-on etc.

All gearboxes are based on well-proved and reliable designs. Furthermore, we offer transmission components of recognised brands, which makes it possible to supply complete transmission solutions at short notice.

We stock motors, electromagnetic brakes, electromagnetic couplings, encoders, mechanical couplings, shaft / hub connections, free wheel bearings, backstops, universal joints, electromagnets, permanent magnets, vibrators, etc.

Read more about our knowhow and experience in adapting our standard gearboxes.


Hydro-Mec Store

BJ-Gear A/S has since 2013 had components from Italian Hydro-Mec on stock.
We have a special section dedicated to the assembly of Hydro-Mec gearboxes.
That way we can guarantee delivery within one hour.