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Products and know-how to solve any transmission need

With a comprehensive range of standard products and a large knowledge within adapted and special products, BJ-Gear A/S is able to supply transmission solutions that meet all requirements and needs. The foundation is our own manufactured products of the BJ-Series complemented by transmission components from recognised external sources.

Standard products

Adapted products

Special products

Gears and actuators of high quality

The BJ-series consist of modular worm gearboxes, spindle gearboxes, helical gearboxes, spiral bevel gearboxes and actuators, giving you countless combinations.
All products are characterised by high flexibility, high quality, high efficiency, low backlash, low weight in relation to performance, a quiet operation and a compact and hygienic design. The individual products are available separately or with motors, brakes and other accessories.

Worm gearbox

Worm gear screw jack

Helical gearbox

Spiral bevel gearbox


Reliable concepts

BJ-Gear A/S has much competence in adapting products from the BJ-series based on specific needs and in developing special products for specific needs. Development and design takes place in close cooperation with your company and aims to ensure an optimum transmission solution in terms of price and technology. The reliable concepts of the BJ-Series help to ensure a high standard when gearboxess and actuators must be adapted to company specifications or when designing special products.

Complete range of gearboxes, actuators, motors and other transmission components

BJ-Gear A/S makes a point of offering a complete range of gearboxes and actuators. Therefore, in addition to our own manufactured BJ-Series, we can offer a range of quality gearboxes from different manufacturers, all tested and approved by our engineers.

BJ-Gear A/S also sells and stocks a wide range of transmission components of recognised brands, which are naturally included in transmission solutions together with our BJ-Series. We stock motors, frequency converters, electromagnetic brakes, electromagnetic couplings, encoders, mechanical couplings, shaft/hub connections, one way clutches and backstops, universal joints, electromagnets, permanent magnets, vibrators, etc.


Frequency converters

Electromagnetic brakes and couplings


AXO couplings

Flexible backlash-free couplings

Flexible couplings


Backlash-free bellow couplings and Safety couplings

Shaft /Hub Connections

One Way Clutches and Backstops

Universal Joints

Electromagnets, permanent magnets, vibrators