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Focus on Energy through quality and innovation

Denmark has a strong position within development and manufacturing of wind turbines and other renewable energy solutions. Since 1980 BJ-Gear A/S has worked closely with companies within the Energy Sector based on the ability to make simple, sturdy and innovative solutions to complex tasks. We have delivered products for wind energy plants, power plants, oil, gas, heat, wave, hydro power etc. We also supply to a variety of companies providing production and handling equipment to the wind industry.

We have extensive knowledge of materials, key technologies and surface techniques which have great importance for achieving the best result. We can also ensure the shortest possible path from development to the finished product through a quick delivery of prototypes.

Our know-how combined with a flexible product range of standard solutions, adapted solutions and special solutions are the major criterias for the Energy Sector to choose us as a partner.

BJ-Gear's strengths comprise:

  • Innovative engineering based a.o. on 3D CAD, FEA and FMEA.
  • Considerable knowledge of materials and general knowledge of key technologies.
  • Wide standard range of gears, actuators, motors, brakes, encoders, couplings etc. for quick delivery.
  • High competence in product adaptation and development of special products, even in smaller numbers.
  • Product focus: High quality, compact design, low weight in relation to performance, low noise, reliable technology etc.
  • High degree of process control during manufacturing of components and products.
  • Replacement products and spare part guarantee throughout the equipment life.


/// Drive in the Energy Sector. We offer our contribution to innovative, sturdy and simple solutions for everything from wind turbines to power plants.

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